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    On this site you will find details of food and drink which is grown, reared or sourced right here in Gloucestershire. All the producers in our directory guarantee that each of their listed products contain ingredients which are at least 50% sourced in Gloucestershire.



                                              Why buy local?  

    • Environmentally Friendly - buying from local producers is the right thing to do if you are concerned about the number of miles your food travels before it reaches your plate. The "embedded carbon" in much of the food we eat contributes to our personal carbon footprint. We all need to do our bit in the fight to reduce global carbon emissions and tackle the human induced climate change which is threatening our world.


    • Support the local economy - buying local is also a great way of supporting the local economy. So much of the money we spend in supermarkets ends up in the accounts of distant shareholders and as part of the bottom line of multi-nationals. The money which local producers earn from their sales is more likely to be recirculated within the local economy, helping other local businesses to thrive and survive.


    •  Local food is fresher and tastier! It is good to eat the food from the region where it has been grown. Food which travels long distances may have to be stored for longer and preserved in different ways. This can affect the taste and quality. You can't beat a local dish! 


    • Food security - With rising global food and oil prices promoting local food production for local consumption helps to increase the long term food security of the region.


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