Welcome to The Cotswolds Choice and Gloucestershire Local Food and Drink Directory

  • Truly local - and only the best!

    On this site you will find details of food, drink and natural products which are grown, reared or sourced right here in Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds.

    The Cotswolds Choice logo guarantees the producers' commitment to environmental, landscape, community and heritage principles. And that means high quailty for consumers.

                                              Why buy local?  

    Support your local economy - buying local is a great way of supporting the local economy and the local environment. Local producers play a key role in making - and keeping - the Cotswolds landscape so special. And the money consumers spend is more likely ot stay in the local economy, helping other local businesses to create jobs and succeed.

    Be good to your environment - buying from Cotswolds Choice and local producers keeps down the number of miles your food travels before it reaches your plate. We can all do our bit to look after own special Cotswolds landscape and environment. Reducing our personl 'carbon footprint' is one way to do this - and feel good.

    Local food is fresher and tastier! It is good to eat the food from the region where it has been grown. Food which travels long distances may have to be stored for longer and preserved in different ways. This can affect the taste and quality. You can't beat a local dish! 

    Food security - Promoting local food production for local consumption helps to increase the long term food security of the region and the country as a whole.

    Cotswolds Choice and the Gloucestershire Food and Drink Directory are sponsored by the Cotswolds Conservation Board and the Diocese of Gloucester.

    Cotswolds Choice and the Gloucester Food and Drink Directory are delighted to collaborate with this website.


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